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Cicada [???]

Age: 28
Job: Pirate Captain

Your regular shounen hero. Just a guy that wanted a life of freedom and adventure. Cicada's the type to act first, think later, and the idiot seems to have luck on his side... for now.

Gladimir Vertanen

Age: 33
Job: Prince of Yvoire

Your classic elegant noble. Glad takes his role as leader and peacemaker seriously, despite having an adventurous heart. Considered to be charming or snarky depending on who you ask.


Leary Rattigan

Age: 31
Job: Sailor, Lookout

Just a dirty deckhand looking to get the most money for the least amount of work.

Dio [Diego Grillo]

Age: 70
Job: Quartermaster

An old seadog with a whole lot of superstitions, but at least he knows his stuff. A lot more cautious than Cicada, he tries to reel him in at times.

Biggs [Jeremy Biggins]

Age: 28
Job: Cook

The chattiest bloke on the ship, hit up Biggs for the best gossip in town. Claims to be a knife throwing champion.

Dre [Andreas Vezuelas]

Age: 35
Job: Ship Surgeon

The good doctor once sailed with the Yvoire navy, but after his ship was captured by Cicada's crew he had no choice but to join them. Has an affinity for skulls.


Myra [???]

Age: 31
Job: Head of Skyfall

A rich girl that ran from the niceties of the aristocracy to enjoy the freedoms of piracy. She keeps Skyfall's economy running smoothly.

Pan [???]

Age: 71
Job: Pirate Captain

One of the three pirate lords of Skyfall. Pan is as cutthroat as they come and has an ancient rivalry with Dio.

Crow [???]

Age: 30
Job: Pirate Captain

The protagonist of another story. He's a treasure hunter with his own agenda and another of the three pirate lords, the last being Cicada.


Noctorius Vertanen

Age: 60
Job: King of Yvoire

An absolute warmonger, but one with that scary appeal that manages to gain loyalty from certain groups with money. He and Glad have never seen eye to eye.

Clark Leicester

Age: 33
Job: Viceroy of Kingston, King's Advisor

A mysterious man that serves the king and his agenda rather well.

Meaghen Magdala

Age: 36
Job: Vice-Admiral

Just a huge snob with a twisted sense of justice. He sure hates pirates.

Spheci Severo

Age: 27
Job: Princess of Docelina, "Pirate Reaper"

She's out to carve her own path of high stakes and high seas, princess life be damned.

V [???]

Age: 23
Job: Lady-in-waiting

Seems happy to take Spheci's orders and enjoys spilling blood a little more than she should.